Web Apps are powerful tools
Let's harness them for social good

Full stack web application development
collaborating on projects that benefit society

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What We Do

We believe in applying our technical skills to support visions of positive social change;
Building a right-brain-friendly culture of wellbeing and interconnectedness using left-brain savvy.

We bring right-brain thinking into our development; working hard to create apps which just work — on an aesthetic and a functional level — without stress or cognitive dissonance for the user.

We take on projects in all areas — with a particular interest in apps that benefit society, education, healthcare, mental health, wellbeing and social change.

How We Do It

We bring application and front-end expertise to standalone projects or as back up for your team.

Developing the application tier and user interface is our primary expertise.

We create top-notch web apps for your users, wiring together the designs, the user experience, the data and the infrastructure.

End-to-end, we can take your app from conception to deployment, with ongoing support.

Who's Who

Founded and directed by Alastair Brayne, teams of partners and contractors are pulled together as needed on a per-project basis.

Alastair Brayne photo Alastair Brayne

Director & Developer

I have been developing web apps professionally since 2007, after getting into websites and Photoshop for kicks in 2001.

I worked for years on enterprise-scale apps as a server-side developer as well as freelancing as a front-end developer with small web shops.

I also volunteer in my local community as Trustee and Bristol Coordinator for the charity JourneymanUK.

In my free time I am also studying counselling and psychotherapy.

I wanted to bring together my two passions of software development and social change. Right Brayne : Left Brayne is the manifestation of that vision.

breakfast face photo +You?

Contractors and partners

Each project has different needs. We work with contractors and partner organisations to make sure those needs are met.

We value solid experience and capability more than rock-star personalities or 'ninjas'. (... although a good sense of humour and being fun to work with also goes a long way!)

We are always interested in hearing from designers and data specialists.

If application development is the missing piece for your project, say hello.

Previous Experience

We have in-house experience working on enterprise-scale apps from search to eCommerce, custom web apps and direct-to-consumer websites.

Right Brayne : Left Brayne was founded in 2015; the projects and organisations below reflect our personal experience before this date.


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